Welcome to Seattle Event Photography!  We are a full service photography firm for corporate communications.  Our products include  photojournalism of events, portraits & headshots, social media photo stations, onsite printing, tradeshow booth photography and more!

Conventions & Conferences


Conventions & Conferences


Headshots & Portraits


Corporate Communications

What makes us “Full Service”?  Planning, scalable execution, and deep post production.   Over the course of 10 years, we’ve executed small to large events in cities across the US.  Ask us for a link to our online history catalog!  Our product represents an ongoing evolution incorporating all the latest technologies.  Think Time lapse video, Quad-copters or Scattered mesh-net cameras capturing moments in real-time.

Photojournalism is the primary product, scaling from one photographer to multiple photographers on large shows.  We provide immediate turn-around of select images for press and social media, followed up with a full post production to deliver the final set of images for all your marketing requirements. Typical coverage includes general sessions, speakers, award programs, meet & greets, receptions, and evening events.  Other standard coverage includes Production Values – Decor from top to bottom, signage, branding, essentially, photographing the entire show footprint for documentation purposes.

Portraits are so very important because it’s typically the lead photo on a profile or blog column.  A hot conference product is our LinkedIn Photo Station for attendee headshots with email delivery during the show.  Regarding styles, we’re masters at lighting, able to create 40’s film noir, through today’s current aesthetic.  Crucial to your success is a mindful planning process and review of styles to create your unique and marketable look.

Social Media Photo booths are the life of the party, and a great activity around your messaging.  Attendees walk away with branded images of their experience at your show, in either print or digital copy.  Images come to life with animation!  Our photo stations can create 4 layer animated images able to be emailed or text messaged right from the show floor, providing instantaneous marketing for your event and organization.

Tradeshow booths are the foundation of any exposition.  If you’re a tradeshow booth manufacturer, ask to see our portfolio of booth photography.  We execute at a higher level by use of multiple camera strobes for highlighting features of the booths.  An exhibitor kit insert form is available for meeting planners putting together show documentation materials.



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