Welcome to Seattle Event Photography!

We have several different products to offer:

  • Photojournalism of events
  • Executive Portraiture & Headshots
  • Headshot booths for Expo floors
  • Social Media Photo Booths with onsite printing
  • Photography for Non-profit Fundraisers
  • Tradeshow Expo Booth Photography

For photojournalism, our rates scale to match the event execution.  On a typical event, we deploy one photographer for the duration of the event, with a digital tech back in the office for the full post production.  Next step up is to have both photographer and digital tech onsite for the show, creating and delivering images in real time, followed by deep post production after the show.  The ultimate configuration is a show manager, two mainline photographers, and multiple part-time photographers, with a digital tech onsite.  Yes, this does happen!  This is our normal run at Cisco Partner Summit.

Our rates for events begin at $500 and up, with discounts available for qualified community charitable organizations. Given the wide variety of client requirements, we ask that you contact us with your event plans so that we can provide an accurate quote for your photography services.

Rates on the Executive Portraiture, Headshot booths, Social Media Photo Booths and Trade Show Booth photography, all have component pricing so we ask that you contact us with specific requirements so we can develop an optimized quote to your budget. Give use a call at 1-866-FOTO-OPS, or write to us, for a quote for your event!  (1-877-368-6677)

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