Non-Profit Fundraisers

Non-Profits greatest need is to keep their social goals funded.  A crucial way to do this is through galas, promotions, fund-raisers, auctions, etc.   Seattle Event Photography provides elements to these fundraisers to support the promotion of the social goals.

Photojournalism provides images of the human side to the organization and event, capturing the event for Social Media and corporate communications.

Open Style Photo Stations provide the fun by creating branded prints and digital media for the guests to take home.    All images can be shared in the cloud and projected on digital displays throughout the event. Here are some features of our open styl photo stations –

  • Full custom print layouts are available.  From single image prints, to photo strips, to 2×2 quadrants and even serialized raffle tickets!
  •  Animated GIFs are available in a variety of layouts. Add this motion and you’re really rocking!
  • Various Print sizes – 4×6, 5×7, 6×8 and 8x10s.  Photo folders are available to give each print a classy delivery.
  • Real-time uploading to the Cloud for attendees to access the images.
  • AND, this works both ways – Attendees can even email photos to our printers. Our photo station can email/txt photos to attendees!

For Photojournalism, click through the Columbia Slough Watershed Council’s 2017 Gala.

Here are some sample layouts from the Photo Station. Click on an image to see a full view.

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